The intuitive, wild part of the psyche has been poetically called 'the far woods.' 

We are sister design team Sonya & Nina Montenegro.  We live on a small farm outside of Portland, Oregon.  We have been making art since we were little, growing up in a family of puppeteers, poets, and painters.  We formalized our collaboration in 2013, calling it The Far Woods.  What began as a little shop experiment has blossomed into something much more; an opportunity to explore and share the joy of hand-making things, learn how to grow our own food and practice radical homemaking.  Many of the things we make have come to reflect our deepest desires about the world.  We seek to contribute to a great Culture Shift in which there is a land ethic, a reverence for nature, a rejection of the throw-away mentality, and direct connection to where our food and the things we use come from.  We hope you enjoy what we have brought forth.

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